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Track Your Order


How can | track my order?
We will send you the tracking code of your orders to the email that you flled down when placing your orders. This email will also guide you onhow to track your package. Please note that the tracking information will be displayed 2一5 days after you receive that email.

When will my tracking information appear?
You should see tracking events within 48一72 hours after you have received the tracking number/ID. The reason for this time lag is that in mostcases the first tracking event only shows up once the shipment was handed over to us, i.e. once the shipment has left the fulfillment center ofyour online shop.

Why can not I track my order on your website?
Please note that the tracking information will be displayed after 2一5 days after being updated. For the first time, it may take a few minutes to getthe information from the carrier. Therefore, sometimes you can not find information about your package, please track again later.

Why is not my order status unchanged?
Your shipment may be delayed. Delivery time delays can be due to e.g weather incidents, customs or backlogs. Please note that trackinginformation can be displayed after your order started being shipped.