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Elastic Breathable Compression Knee Sleeves

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Anti slip design: The inner side of the knee pad is equipped with silicone anti-skid strip, which can ensure that it can be kept in place when moving and is not easy to slide down. It does not need to be adjusted frequently during use. It can be effectively fixed on the knee, providing perfect support and protection.

Breathable with High flexibility: Kneepad is light and breathable that made of elastic material by using 3D stereoscopic technology. High-density knitting makes it more elastic, better pressure on knees and muscles, improved blood circulation and oxygen supply, thus improved muscle performance.

Perfect training support: With Multi-directional pressure function, so that the kneepad has a soothing massage effect, gentle compression when exercise, in line with ergonomics, strong durability. On the other hand, it can prevent muscle strain, protect ligament, relieve the pressure on knee and strengthen the stability of knee joint. It is very suitable for running, weight lifting, football, basketball and other sports activities.

Relieve pain and promote recovery: Whether you have intermittent or persistent knee pain, kneepads provide perfect support and relieve pain. In addition, targeted compression will help promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation/swelling and accelerate the healing process, including joint pain, strain, torn ligaments, etc.

Reliable after-sales service: We offer 30 days free return and exchange service. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will solve for you within 48 hours.


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